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The Nail Art Trend That’s Heating Up For Coachella

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Before the air-conditioned Revolve parties and inflatable swans and $1475 flower crowns and glitter, Coachella was — at its core — a stripped-down celebration of music in the desert. And if you’re looking to channel that vibe, then you’ll love the nail art trend that’s heating up in advance of the festival’s 19th year: desert nails.

Within the hashtag, you’ll find designs that are more literal, like cacti, as well as subtler nods to the Southwest region and its design influences. But one thing is for sure: This nail art is cool — and when Coachella’s forecast is looking to be upward of 96 degrees, that feels like a start.

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Flash Tats may have been all over Coachella’s guest list in 2016, but this year’s gold accents are much more low-key… and you don’t have to coordinate an outfit around them.s

If Mara Hoffman’s bright and graphic pieces came in nail art form, this is exactly what it would look like.…

The Holiday Nail Polish Trend That We’re Still Seeing In 2018

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Nail trends by the seasons are pretty predictable: soft watercolors for spring, candy-hued brights for summer, and moodier reds, blues, and grays for fall and winter. But then there’s this kind of unique period between the holidays — basically Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day — where chic and sophisticated goes out the window in favor of red-and-green glitter and candy-cane stripes.

Thankfully, we survived… and we didn’t even fall victim to the tacky holiday manicure at all. In fact, we opted for a nail trend that we still rock in 2018. It’s fun, it’s festive, but it can also go subtle and low-key. It’s time to get reacquainted with shimmer.

Nail pro Jessica Washick says she loves shimmer (note: not glitter) on nails right now because it gives a frosted and diffused shine. “Shimmers are so fun for the holiday season and beyond,” she explains. “They’re not hard to remove the way glitter can be, and they help create an elevated look.” And celebrity nail artist Whitney Gibson agrees that both chromes and iridescent colors are going to be big this season.”I think having a futurist, unpredictable finish on your nails can be the wild card element in your look — dressy but also chill,” she says.

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Nothing says femme fatale quite like nails dripping in the most high-shine black lacquer. (Just don’t forget the vampy lip.)…

This Rad Nail Art Trend Will Save You Time & Money

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Anyone who swears by the staying power of a gel manicure knows that the glossy, cured polish is both a blessing and curse. Yes, the color is shiny and beautiful for weeks, but the second you miss your next appointment, your grown-out color suddenly look more janky than polished — and practically begs to be peeled off in your weakest moment. Luckily, there’s a chic trend that will save you money and the frustration of timely removal. Behold: The next wave of negative space manicures have arrived.

The most recent influx of these minimalist-approved nail designs is a happy marriage between the simple designs popular ahead of Coachella, summer’s bright polish, and the modern French manicure. We’re talking about a classic half-dip, crescent moon swoop, glitter face, and so much more. Even better, since they’re built on a base of clear polish, they’re all low-maintenance.
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Although this trend is minimal, you can still add tiny details to stand apart from everyone else on your feed. Pro tip: Dots are the easiest nail art look you’ll ever try, just pick up a thin brush at your local beauty supply store, use a small square of foil as your palette, and go to town.…

Wedding Nail Art Doesn’t Have To Play It Safe

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re married, engaged, or still browsing Bumble: If you’ve so much as seen an episode of Say Yes to the Dress, you already know that being a bride requires a laundry list of beauty must-haves for the big day, like long-wear foundation, kiss-proof lipstick, and a hairstyle that

won’t fall loose before you say “I do.” Nails are one small detail that tends to become an afterthought — but we’re out to change that.
And by that, we mean it’s time to ditch the Essie Ballet Slippers and other play-it-safe nudes as your polish of choice. If it’s safe enough for Queen Elizabeth, it’s probably too safe for your wedding. We’ve got something else in mind entirely: Think negative space decals, subtle hints of color (that match your bouquet!), and designs so trendy someone is bound to post it on Pinterest. Ahead, the coolest, least-lame wedding nail art for your consideration.

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Not everyone can have Emi Kudo, nail artist to Emma Stone and Yara Shahidi, on deck for their wedding, but what you can have is a teeny decal with your fiancé’s initials. (Of course, if logo nail art is your thing, you can always keep the Louis shout-out, too.)
Admit it: Modern French manicures are the best kind of French manicures. These crisp tips and stark squiggles are the perfect way to stand out while staying classic…ish.…