This Rad Nail Art Trend Will Save You Time & Money

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Anyone who swears by the staying power of a gel manicure knows that the glossy, cured polish is both a blessing and curse. Yes, the color is shiny and beautiful for weeks, but the second you miss your next appointment, your grown-out color suddenly look more janky than polished — and practically begs to be peeled off in your weakest moment. Luckily, there’s a chic trend that will save you money and the frustration of timely removal. Behold: The next wave of negative space manicures have arrived.

The most recent influx of these minimalist-approved nail designs is a happy marriage between the simple designs popular ahead of Coachella, summer’s bright polish, and the modern French manicure. We’re talking about a classic half-dip, crescent moon swoop, glitter face, and so much more. Even better, since they’re built on a base of clear polish, they’re all low-maintenance.
Ahead, the raddest polish trend Instagram is loving right now.

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Although this trend is minimal, you can still add tiny details to stand apart from everyone else on your feed. Pro tip: Dots are the easiest nail art look you’ll ever try, just pick up a thin brush at your local beauty supply store, use a small square of foil as your palette, and go to town.

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